Response of several maize (Zea mays L.) cultivars to spray with Novalon biostimulator


A field experiment was conducted during the Autumn season of 2018 at the Experimental Station of Field Crops Departments-College of Agriculture-University of Anbar according to Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD) in Factorial arrangement with three replicates. The effect of four used levels of Novalon biostimulator (0, 2.5, 5 and 7.5 g. L-1) was investigated in the growth and yield of four maize cultivars (5018, Maha, Baghdad 3 and Fajr 1).The biostimulator levels had significantly affected all the vegetative growth and yield traits, as the level of 7.5 g. L-1 was recorded the highest means of: plant height (190.5 cm), leaf area (5058 cm2), seeds no. per row (33.15) and plant seed yield per unit area (8 t. h-1). Also, cultivars were in significant differences for most studied traits, as Fajr1 Cultivar. recorded the highest mean for leaf area (4938 cm2) no. of seeds per row (33.52) and seed yield per unit area (7.87 t. h-1). Interaction between the two studied factors had a significant effect in most of the studied traits where Novalon level of 7.5 g l-1 with Fajr cv. gave the highest mean of leaf area (5314 cm2), no. of rows per ear (16.97 row), no. of seeds per row (35.11 seed) and seed yield 8.58 t h-1 .Hence, a higher levels of biostimulator can be practiced in future studies to reach the optimum level.