Recurrent abdominal pain as a type of epilepsy among children in Diyala province/ Iraq


Background: Abdominal epilepsy is a rare condition mostly found in children, consisting of gastrointestinal disturbances caused by epileptiform seizure activity.Objective: To study chronic about pain in relation to about to aplie.Patients and Methods: A cross sectional study conducted in Albatool teaching hospital with a total number of 450 patient enrolled in the study suffering from chronic abdominal pain with signs and symptoms suggestive of either abdominal migraine or abdominal epilepsy and the sample selected according to electroencephalogram finding and the response to antiepileptic drugs. Results: The incidence of abdominal epilepsy was 34 patient (7.5%) most of them were of age group between 6-12 year, which was 23 patient (67.6). All had common symptoms of paroxysmal abdominal pain , Paleness after attack observed as a common feature (32patient), tendency to sleep after attack seen in 25patient (73.5%).constipation and bloating together seen in 32 patient (94.4%) while diarrhea seen in 4 patient All of these patients investigated thoroughly for their gastrointestinal symptoms to rule out any organic diseases. All patients had constant abnormality on electroencephalogram suggestive of seizure disorder. These patients given anticonvulsant with a good response in a follow- out period of two years. Conclusion: Abdominal epilepsy was a common health problem.