MuhammedInhibitory activity of Salvadora persica extract against oral different bacterial speciesAbstract


In this research and for a first time we used an artificial saliva to ex-tract Salvadora persica (miswak) to obtain useful extract affecting on different pathogens isolated from oral cavity ,that associated in dental caries .Methods: Different types of pathogens isolated from dental car-ies , Salvadora persica extracted by using artificial saliva . Agar diffu-sion methods were used to determine inhibition zones of plant extract against different pathogens. Results: The results revealed different types of bacteria isolated from dental caries also isolated Candida albicans .The high concentration of plant extract (300 mg/ml) represented more effected of inhibit bacterial isolates depended on inhibition zones mea-sured except C.albicans which was not affected to any concentration of plant extract.