The Role of Strategic Renewal in Promoting Organizational Innovation - An analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Employees at the General Company for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Samarra


The research aims to define the role of strategic Renewal in promoting organizational Innovation among a selected sample of employees of the General Company for the manufacture of medicines and medical supplies in Samarra, The research problem revolves around the difficulty of the success of the competitive scene due to the rapid developments in the contemporary business environment. A hypothetical scheme has been adopted through which the research objectives and hypotheses were defined and the descriptive and analytical method was used in order to reach the results. The questionnaire was one of the statistical methods used to collect data and information related to the field aspect of the research, The views of (25%) of the employees of the mentioned company were explored, and the research came out with a set of conclusions and recommendations, one of the most important of which was the more the company directed the research sample to adopt the strategic renewal whenever it contributed to enhancing the company's capabilities to provide better products to its customers.