The impact of the motivation strategy in achieving job satisfaction of human resources- An applied study of a sample of first class hotels in Baghdad


The purpose of the present research is to investigate the possibility of achieving jobsatisfaction of human resources in a sample of first class hotels based on the use ofthe incentive strategy followed in the researched hotels as well as to clarify therelationship between the search variables by analyzing the opinions of first classhotels in the city of Baghdad and by ( 82) questionnaire distributed to them.Methodology: This research included the relationship and impact between themotivation strategy as an independent variable and the job satisfaction of humanresources as a dependent or dependent variable. The first variable included five subelements.The second variable included six sub-factors. These variables interacted tobe the framework around which the study emerged. It has a number of main andsub-hypotheses. In order to achieve the aforementioned objective of the study and toanswer the questions of the study and test the validity of its hypotheses, the study