Study the effect of blue light on the eyes for locally available models


For any vision light is an essential element but on the other hand exposing light might be the main reason of ocular tissue pathological changes by energy absorption.The photo energy is at its highest level when the wavelength is nearly 400 nm that's how it reaches the retina. Because the blue blocking BB lenses. The most important advantage of BB lenses is to reduce the eyestrain while working digital devices blue-blocking (BB) spectacle lenses. To achieve the most comfort ability while using different kinds of digital devices blue cut lenses are marketed as well as they help improving the quality of sleep and protecting the eye from photo toxicity. The aim of this study is to state the transmission of the UV+420 nm lenses for blue light, ultraviolet and visible light, so three types of lenses are tested for making comparison between models in commercial markets. The results show the blocking of each lens to determine the best quality from the used three models.