The Iraqi political partyes after 2003 a study in political programes


Political party is an organizing group of people, sharing commonand similar goals. They working to influence in public policy throughtheir candidate's in the representative offices. The party has veryimportant rolls in democratic society, it plays as mediator's betweencivil society and those who making decisions and enforce it, thereforethe political parties represents aspirations of their members andsupporters in government and parliament. Iraqi's political experiment appears a political forms taken its placebetween political party and political coalition, it taken separationphase from Iraqi community which pluralize around a family, clericleadership, and taken from the second its waken phase, which resultwas a limitation of its political popularity. However, The electoralprograms were the same between all of them, focuses on security,services and economy, but they didn’t achieving its promises as wellas its electoral programs when they winning in election, while itshould live what they takes by electoral voting.ا