Cybersecurity and a role in the spread of the phenomenon of terrorism in Iraq after the year 2003 dr.


The importance of cybersecurity comes from the fact that it hasbecome an important element in human life at all levels. An integratedand secure infrastructure of information systems, whether security,banking or personal led to Iraq be an open arena for many countries ofthe world and neighboring regional countries, to penetrate and spy onthe information of the Iraqi security institutions. The most dangerousthing is the exploitation of cyberspace by the terrorist organizationsthat emerged in Iraq after the fall of the former regime. Attractingmore young people and spreading its extremist ideology andpenetrating sites, which is an indicator of unconventional terrorism,which aims at attacking the information infrastructure. State and theabsence of legislative frameworks clear to regulate this space, inaddition to the lack of compatibility between control measures andmassive spread of technology information and communication as wellas the limited security and technical confrontation in exchangecybernetic threats taking place, so it must build an integrated systemfor information security in order to avoid such violations


Iraq, cybersecurity