Disturbed Levels of Non-Enzymatic Antioxidants and Malondialdehyde among Makeup Users


Makeup products contain heavy metals in variable amounts. Oxidative stress, damage, and aging could happen due toexposure to heavy metals. This study aimed to evaluate the concentrations of non-enzymatic antioxidants, and lipidperoxidation marker (malondialdehyde, MDA) in makeup and non-makeup users. 69 female students were sorted intotwo groups of 31 of non-makeup users (control group) and 38 of makeup users (case group). In this respect, the casegroup was also divided into 3 subgroups according to a period of 1.09±0.78 years (as mean±SD). 10 mL venous bloodwas drawn to determine the serum level of vitamin C, uric acid, glutathione (GSH) and MDA. The gained results werestatistically analysed using SPSS. This in turn indicated a significant reduction in vitamin C, uric acid and GSH levels inmakeup users compared to the control group. However, MDA concentrations were significantly higher in makeup users.A significant correlation between lipid peroxidation, dropping in non-enzymatic antioxidants and makeup productsapplication was found.