The Culture of Dialogue and Tolerance in Syria


Dialogue is a popular demand, and everyone's desire to achieve peace and coexistence with all the people of the same nation in peace, for a common future for all, and it is the only way to enter the future and achieve development, because the experiences of mankind have proven that wars with all its parties are defeated, and that the homeland accommodates everyone without fighting, and with fighting there is no room for anyone.This research presents a vision for building and enabling a culture of dialogue in Syria. It offers proposals for solutions to a community crisis, in order to achieve tolerance and respect for others and achieve democracy ... to reach the desired development that cannot take place without the courage of dialogue between citizens of a country in which they have equal rights and accept each other, and this acceptance is not an acceptance of necessity. Rather, a civilized acceptance that allows achieving societal goals. This research discusses how entities and individuals with different cultures, beliefs, and absolutes can reach mental and cultural convergence and mutual rights that allow for coexistence, by clarifying the culture of dialogue, its types and its foundations, which are represented in tolerance and respect for others, and the foundations that must be agreed upon in order to build the (democracy) state. And its obstacles that are represented by intolerance, sectarianism, the abolition of the other, dictatorship and backwardness, in order to confirm that there is no way for the Syrian society to get out of its current crisis except with the culture of dialogue through which the rights of different groups are preserved and continue to exist, in order to aspire to building a future Syria.