Intellectual Property Rights in Iraqi Digital Content - A Study on A Sample of Students of The College of Media, University of Baghdad


While the digital content industry is to be regarded as a key element in the global digital performance at all levels, after the results of measuring its effectiveness have become one of the indicators of the success of the physical and intellectual products reaching their target ends. This industry suffers from great challenges that prevent the production of Iraqi digital content that adheres to quality standards.One of the most important international standards for the quality of digital content is represented by the legal and ethical rules and basic foundations relating to adherence to intellectual property laws, compliance with privacy terms and publishing policies in the content industry. It suffers from legislative and procedural repercussions in Iraq. This may make the issue of violating property rights, which, itself, is one of the most important pillars of the digital content industry, a phenomenon inherent in the local digital environment.Hence, the importance of our research, whose problem revolves around the main question: (To what extent are digital content makers in Iraq committed to intellectual property rights?) is reflected in an environment that still relies on aspects of protecting that property according to the Copyright Protection Law No. (3) / 1971, and its amendment Under the Coalition Authority Order No. (83) / 2004.The research seeks to achieve a set of objectives, including: knowing the Iraqi content makers' level of awareness of property rights and their commitment to them, describing the actual reality of property rights in the local digital field, and identifying the main obstacles that prevent the possibility of ensuring those rights for users within this field.