The effect of individual competitive learning and mental training strategies on students' reading comprehension Assent Prof. Dr Ammar Ismail Khalil


The current research aims to identify (the impact of individual competitive learning strategies and mental training in Reading comprehension among middle school students). The researcher chose the exact experimental design Partial of three groups and post-test, and the sample of the research was (93) divided into three Groups, and the researcher rewarded the three groups with some variables. Promote behavioral goals Plans and test reading comprehension after presenting it to experts and specialists, and using the means The appropriate statistics showed the results exceeding the first experimental group that studied with strategyIndividual competitive learning and the second experimental group that studied the mental training strategy on The control group that studied in the usual way, and the researcher recommended the adoption of two learning strategies. Individual competitive and mental training in teaching reading, and submitted the researcher's proposal to conduct complementary studies For research in other stages and materials.