The mutual relationship between strategic intelligence and strategic vigilance and their contribution to enhancing strategic capabilities ( Analytical research of a sample of administrative leaders at the University of Technology )


The aim of the research is to uncover the relationship between the elements of strategic intelligence , Systems thinking, future vision, motivation, partnership) in strategic vigilance (Technological vigilance, environmental vigilance, marketing vigilance) and the contribution of this relationship to strengthening Strategic capacity (cognitive capacity, absorptive capacities, transformational capacities) At the Technological University and to achieve the research objectives, there were several questions and hypotheses that were tested Depending on the statistical program (SPSS) and using many statistical methods to measure Relationship and impact between the three search variables. The questionnaire has been adopted as a key measurement tool Before (45) of the heads of departments and their assistants at the University of Technology. The importance of research lies It provides an intellectual framework for the nature of search variables based on applied effort through application Theoretical concepts in the practical field. The most prominent results were the existence of a correlation And a significant effect between strategic intelligence and strategic alertness and the reflection of this relationship on the possession Strategic capabilities of the organization in question. The most prominent recommendations were to deepen the eyes of the leaders Management of the Organization, which is concerned with the need for the Organization to invest in strategic thinking Organizing the managers and working to bring about more change in those capacities to recognize the variables of the environment And to understand the problems that this environment fosters.