Review on Encryption of Video: Determination Optimal Measures for Robust Video Encryption


Through the fast expansion of many video methodologies, different types of video data are created and transferred in medical, commercial and military fields. These data may contain a privacy which should not be logged on by or can only be partly visible to the user. Thus, privacy and security have become a significant issue in video communication. Encryption is the most technique used for security of the video communication. This paper discusses video encryption algorithms proposed so far which focus on the principle of video encryption schemes and explains different video encryption methodologies presented with their performance evaluation. Performance parameters used to measure video encryption methodologies are: Encryption Ratio, Security, Efficiency Compressing, Portability Codec, Degradation Visual, Tolerance Error and Visual Quality Lossless. From performance analysis, it seems that most promise work for encrypted video is depended on how fast the algorithm is implemented since video is heavy by its contents, in addition to how complex of encryption algorithm.