International liability resulting from acts not prohibited by international law


The Present research deals with the subject of "objective international responsibility" which is imposed upon the state for actions that banned by the international law because the law of responsibility has acquired new dimensions through the scientific and technological progress.The state responsibility has become the consequence of not only actions that are illegal and oppose the ruled of the international law, but also of those illegal, or even legal, actions that cause damage to others. This brief study about the state objective responsibility is divided into two parts. In part one, we have defined the state responsibility and specified its nature. We have also reviewed its historical development and forms according to the general international law. In part two, we have concentrated on the responsibility chat results from violating actins which are not forbidden by the international law. We have expounded how this idea developed historically we have also specified its meaning and concept in internal laws and foreign affairs. Finally, we have referred to some practical applications of this responsibility within the duties of the international judiciary.Key words: Responsibility, International law, harming action, objective responsibility.