The legal basis for blood transfusions (comparative study)


If the advancement of medical science and biological weapons has made great strides at the present time, so it becomes imperative for the law to catch up this progress and change some of the traditional rules, allowing everyone to benefit as much as possible from this tremendous progress in the field of medicine and surgery. The present century has witnessed great progress in medical science and methods of treatment so doctors could know the depths of the human body and address was extremely difficult, if not impossible at the senior, and remedies reached by modern medicine and of direct relevance to human life, and raised wide attention in the medical community and various religious, social and legal process is the transfer of blood n blood he drew the attention of people since the dawn of history as a cause of the most important causes of life, because always observed that the human lost his life after losing blood but the neglect and indifference of responsibility by working in the field blood transfusions and save it threatens the possibility of injury to any person the AIDS pandemic and other infectious diseases due to blood transfusions and infections caused by not following the scientific assets due to a blood test, to investigate its safety before being transported. This became a blood transfusion in the recent period fertile ground not only for medical conferences and jurisprudence as one of the acts, which are a lot of controversy and debate among the men of medicine and law, but for being one of the topics in modern jurisprudence of civil, criminal and administrative. And blood transfusions to the men raised a new area of law in legal research, so they should contribute, together with men of science and medicine in a legal basis.