Investigating the Efficiency of Simple Aqueous Extract of Nigella Sativa Activity Against Serratia Marcescens Bactria


Nigella sativa seeds is considered as a very effective treatment for a variety ofhuman diseases in traditional medicine worldwide with low human toxicity.Serratia marcescens pathogenic species, a Gram-negative, opportunisticbacteria, are widespread and distributed in the human environment withconsidered resistance to different types of antibiotics. Extraction was performedon 12.5 gm. /150 ml of Nigella seeds using rotary evaporator. Different timeperiods for extraction were applied (1-4 hours) with different temperature rangesof 50 °C to 60 °C performed separately for each time period. The 3 and 4 hoursextraction period at 60 °C for seeds was effective against Serratia marcescenswith inhibition zone of 11.18 and 12.27 mm respectively. Nigella seeds could bea promising inhibitor with enhanced activity against Serratia marcescens. Waterextraction was efficient and effective at 60 °C, with extraction period of 2-3hours for seeds. No activity recorded below this temperature.