The weighting between what the “meaning of the meaning” may bear among the commentators (The most eloquent presumption) as model


Had the rhetoric a large share of the attention of the commentators,and the back of its role is clear in the statement of the aestheticvalue of the systems of the Qur’an and likeness, so I took care of manyof the commentators presumptions rhetoric, finds the reader in thebooks of interpretation and footnotes that took care of their ownersscience in general language and knowledge of rhetoric, especially alsothe eloquence of a great role they have in the shootout Between meaningsand understandings, This research deals with an important aspectof weighting with rhetorical clues, which is the weighting of it in themeaning of the meaning, or in the meanings of the seconds, showingwhat is meant by the meaning and the meaning of the meaning, orwith the meanings of the seconds, in the terminology of the rhetoricscholars, and it combines that with practical examples taken from threebooks of the most important tafsir, It is the opening of the unseen, thespirit of meanings, liberation and enlightenment, and it shows the typesof sentences in which rhetoric is preferred, and clarifies the meaningthat is based on this weighting.