Legitimacy of political power and the mechanics of rationalization in the thought of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)


It was thought Hussein ( peace be upon him) an integrated school of mankind for generations to learn more beneficial for their religion and civilization. His message was rightly, as an extension to the messages of the prophets to liberate people from the worship of idols power and the redrawing of the borders of legitimacy in the face terrorism of the state after the de-bases corrupt Umayyads tried to consolidate the source of legitimacy of their rule. In the absence of attempts to re-consider the thought of Master of Alahrar through modern minds and spark any lessons from the flood of his rich knowledge, especially in politics in general and the legitimacy of political power in particular despite the importance of the latter; not in terms of action-oriented President taken by the message of Hussein, but in terms of the current crisis in the Islamic societies by the absence of margin of legality and legitimacy in both sides ..the sacred and the human, the need to re-demarcation of the limits of legality in the light of this thought after scaling it according vocabulary more responsive to the spirit of the times. According to the contexts Tools structural functional approach to research and analysisOn this basis, the distribution of research into three sections Chairperson The first section contains a conceptual framework to address the concept of legitimate through the vision of a modern secular demands; exposed first demand to the concept of legitimacy, The second requirement deals with the sources and types of legitimacy The second section was devoted to highlight the legitimacy in the mind of the Imam and the means for building it, through two demands the first demand is about the legitimacy and its sources while the second requirement the manners of transplanting the legitimacy and the causes of its retrogressing in the mind of Imam Husain(peace on him).


Political power