tatistical Simulation of Gamma-Rays Interactions : Sustainable Development and Monte Carlo Simulation Previewing


The human is the supreme aim of All the development plans. Because of an accompanier hazards of dealing with radioactive materials, the workers (i.e. staff, students, researchers and others) in various fields of nuclear physics need particular protection. In the present work, A computer simulation program based on Monte Carlo method was designed and written to be as virtual experimental system, instead of the real experimental system, concerning gamma rays radioactive source - detector system to mimic the statistical distributions of interactions of gamma-rays with active medium of the detector data. Clearly, the statistical distribution of present results describe as a Poisson distribution and Gaussian distribution at low and high gamma counted rate respectively. These behaviors of the present results were in agreement with theoretical concepts of statistical distributions and pervious published experimental work. So, the present simulation, as a virtual computer experiment, makes laboratory personnel safe from exposure to radiation, either from the use of radioactive sources in the laboratory’s experimental or background of the laboratory. Key words: statistical distributions, Gamma-Ray Interactions, Monte Carlo Simulation, Sustainable Development.