Study the Morphological and Optical Properties of CdO doped ZnO thin films prepared by(PLD)Technique


In this work the Morphological and optical Properties study of CdO thin film with ZnO doping concentration (15%) were deposition using the laser induce plasma in 300 K temperature,using the Nd:YAG laser pulse of(200, 400,600 and 800) with λ=1064 nm, energy 800 mJ and repetition rate 6 Hz , pulses of shots different thicknesses (250.300, 350 and 400)nm.Surface morphology of the thin films has been studied by using atomic force microscopes which showed that surface roughness is increased with the increase of increasing no. plus. The optical properties of the films in the range of (300-1100) nm were studied by UV-VIS spectrum. The energy gap increased with increasing of No. of pulses varying between 1.8eV and 2.6eV.Keywords:CdO,pulse laser deposition P LD, Morphology.