Performance Enhancement of Oil pipeline Monitoring for a Simulated Underwater Wireless Sensor Network


In the last two decades, underwater acoustic sensor networks have begun to be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In this paper, the focus will be on improving the monitoring performance system of oil pipelines. Linear wireless sensor networks are a model of underwater applications for which many solutions have been developed through several research studies in previous years for data collection research. In underwater environments, there are certain inherent limitations, like large propagation delays, high error rate, limited bandwidth capacity, and communication with short-range. Many deployment algorithms and routing algorithms have been used in this field. In this work a new hierarchical network model proposed with improvement to Smart Redirect or Jump algorithm (SRJ). This improved algorithm is used in an underwater linear wireless sensor network for data transfer to reduce the complexity in routing algorithm for relay nodes which boost delay in communication. This work is implemented using OMNeT++ and MATLAB based on their integration. The results obtained based on throughput, energy consumption, and end to the end delay.