The Role of Adila Khanoms in the Planning, Cultural, and Judicial Fields in Halabja 1890-1909


The aim of this research is to study the personality of Adila Abdulqadir (Adila Khanoms) and her role in building and reconstruction of Halabja City; a city located in Kurdistan / Iraq. Adila Khanoms was a woman of power in Halabja where she became the ruler there after the death of her husband Osman Basha Al Jaaf in 1909 who was the district president of Halabja and the head of Al Jaaf tribe. At the same time, she took over the presidency of the tribe in general and the ruler of Halabja City in particular. She took care of the planning, cultural, and judicial sides of the city and left great effect on Halabja Kurds.