Cloud Manufacturing Framework for Controlling and Monitoring of Machines


Due to the development that occurs in the technologies in information systems, many techniques were introduced and played an important role in the connection between machines and people through the internet, it is also used to control and monitor machines. These technologies are called cloud computing and the Internet of Things. With the replacement of computing resources with manufacturing resources cloud computing named converted into cloud manufacturing.The problem is that there are some materials that are not safe to keep workers in touch with it, or the manufacturing process needs the place to be kept clean, such as IC manufacturing, and these processes must be remote controlled and manufactured. In this research, cloud computing was used in the field of manufacturing to automate the process of selecting the G-code that the computer numerical control machine works with, this process was applied by using this machine with the radio frequency identification and some AWS Cloud services and some of the python libraries such as PAHO (the library that was used with the MQTT protocol) to establish the connection between devices.A present sensor value (A sensor called DHT sensor) was used in this research to measure temperature and humidity in clouds to help the operator make decisions. This technology was used to eliminate paperwork, provide a real time monitoring of the machines, and allows the upper level of management to make their decisions about the products and its status to begin the shipping to the costumer.Technology called “ethernet” over internet protocol has been used to control and monitor machines through a remote by using a Mikrotik router device, and a virtual private network (VPN) was used to make a unique IP address for each machine.This research will solve the availability of worker mobility and the monitoring of the machines of a difficult machining material that is dangerous to workers life during the process. Keywords: Internet of Things, Cloud Manufacturing, CNC machine, RFID sensor.