Morphological Errors


The purpose of writing this paper is to alert you to the concept of (morphologicalillusion), with an explanation of its most prominent sections, and mentioning someof its examples from books on language, morphology and interpretation.The first reason for the emergence of the morphological illusion is the neglectof the morphological truth. There are many morphological facts that some authorsoverlook when setting morphological rules, or overlook them when verifyingmorphological texts, or overlook them when defining morphological meanings,or overlook them when mentioning morphological examples. Or overlook it whenusing morphological buildings.Therefore, the criterion (Moral Truth) is the one that reveals the morphologicalillusion.The purpose of writing this paper was not inquiry, completeness and comprehension.Morphological delusions are too many to be counted by one research, noting thatthe abundance of morphological delusions does not necessitate accusing all authorsof falling into them. The representation of morphic delusion states is intended aseducational examples for further nudges.