Estimating potential wind power as a source of electrical power generation in Al-shihabi area, Iraq


Al shihabi is one of the highly potential areas when it comes to energy generated by wind, wind energy is the new source of energy that’s environment friendly and low in cost non-depletion easy to harnessed by different users. A general understanding of wind behavior is necessary for the accurate planning and implementation of any wind energy projects, but due to the lack of information of wind power at these area further studies of wind is very important. The goal of this paper is to conduct an investigation on the wind energy potentials of Al-shihabi area in south of Wassit. For this reason the wind data was collected for one year from Dec 2014 to Dec 2015 in the time interval of 10 minutes at heights of 10, 30 and 50 meters then the data were analyzed using the Weibull probability distribution function and the wind rose and for the spectral analyzes the Fast Fourier Transform was performed. With the annual mean wind speed of (6.84) m/sec at 50 m to be used in wind energy generation as shown in the spectral analysis that the peak was (185912.078 m/sec/12 hour) at the frequency of (2 Hz) at the 50 m height throughout the night time but the lowest was (95161.3369 m/sec/12 hour) at the frequency of (2 Hz) at the 10 m height throughout the night time. The wind speed during morning hours were higher than that at the night time. While the governing wind direction at the area was from west-north west and the north-north west.