Friction Detection and Modeling for Damped Pendulum Motion using Image Processing Technique


Damped oscillatory motion is one of the most commonly studied movements in physics. In the present work the consideration of a system consisting of a simple pendulum, which is free to rotate, is shown including the damped oscillations, with the amplitude reducing with time till the motion ends. The estimation of the damping oscillatory motion for four different mass are presented by using image processing through filtering the top of peaks, the angles bigger than 6 degree are atomically neglected thereafter, Finding a method to solve the harmonic differential equation that achieves mass movement. The result of experimental study shows that the observed motion has a good agreement with the predicted equations of motion. After that the effect of the weight on the hanging point (friction) is calculated. In general, the friction of the axis can be play a significant role on the damping of the pendulum depending on ball mass.