Measurement of Radon Concentrations in Dwellings by using RAD7 for the Ishtar Residential Gleaner in Al – Tuwaitha Region


This study investigated the measurement of (222Rn) radon concentrations in 20 homes of the Ishtar residential gleaner at the Tuwaitha nuclear site using the RADON Electronic Detector made by Durridge Company Inc, (USA). The results indicate that the lowest mean value of radon in indoor dwellings was found at home (D1), which was equal to (3.62 ± 3.14 Bq / m3), while the highest mean value of radon at home (D20) was (31.28 ± 3.45 Bq / m3), and the average of these measurements was (18.2± 7.53 Bq / m3) and it is less than the permissible range (200-300 Bq / m3) recommended by the (ICRP, 2009). The indoor annual effective dose (AED)in was calculated for exposure to radon and was found to be less than the accepted average (1 mSv / y) recorded by (ICRP, 1993). The lung cancer cases per year per million person (CPPP) was also less than the permissible range recommended by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP, 1993).