Commitment to maintaining the mortgagor mortgaged and maintenance (comparative study)


The idea of ​​a mortgage on the basis of the allocation of money or financial right given by the debtor the moment to ensure fulfillment of the right of the mortgagor a secured debt if the solution for it was not in by the debtor, and to be religious here every religion, whatever its source contract or the will of the individual or illegal act or a gain of without reason or the text of the law, and whatever was replaced by an act or omission or the transfer of ownership or delivery of an eye, there is no difference between itself and its content to other content or content, as prevail in every religion exists or was promised him, necessary or unnecessary for the agent. This is achieved through the fulfillment of religion by the mortgagor on the mortgaged execution, sale and require the right price of progress on the rest of the creditors. And mortgage if Haazia Valmarhun be in possession of the mortgagor or in the hands of justice, and therefore, the duty of the mortgagor to protect him and kept up because it is owned by the bet on the one hand, and the place of a mortgage does not accomplish its mission if it does not keep on and maintained from each disgracing the other hand, Valmarhun found in order to ensure that the debt owed ​​by the debtor the moment. And can therefore ask what is the care that must be made ​​by the mortgagor to keep the mortgaged and maintenance? And how responsibility for preservation and maintenance? And what the consequences of breach of this obligation?