The need for legislation in the rehabilitation of Iraqi legislation


Iraqi legislator was adopted this law in past in 1934 , in another law in 1963 and in last 1967 , but this law finished by decision No. 997 of 1978. Rehabilitation is not codified in the Iraqi legislation , even though it is necessary to its new and civilized criminal policy. These papers are prepared to show our need of recognition and regulation of Rehabilitation by the legislative authorities in Iraqi in order to be codified in the criminal procedures law. According to the modern criminal policy, the comparative legislation began to treat the guilty, not as an enemy to the society, but as uncapable of adapting himself with the society and with the society and its rules. From this point, Rehabilitation is adopted by most of the legislators so as to facilitate the reform of the convict and to permit him to join his society as an effective element. Therefore I choose this subject for study.