The Antibacterial Effect of Magnetized Water on Oral Microorganisms


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of magnetized water as an oral irrigant. Materials and Methods: Samples of magnetized water were prepared using a locally made device at different magnetic strengths; 500, 850, 1500 and 1900 Gauss; four groups of healthy individuals with certain criteria (25 for each group) rinsed their mouth with 10 ml of the magnetized water and two saliva samples; before and after irrigation were collected, transferred to the laboratory for colony counting. Results: significant differences were found between the CFU/ml of oral bacteria from baseline saliva samples and after irrigating with magnetized water with different magnet strengths at p ≤ 0.005. Conclusion : As the good antibacterial, fresh, cheap , and available; the regular use of magnetized water was suggested as the irrigant solution for good oral hygiene