Some Stealth Marketing Techniques and its Role in Enhancing Marketing Excellence: A survey study at L'azurde fashion store in Nineveh


The research aims to determine the extent of the impact of stealth marketing techniques and their role in promoting marketing excellence in the Lazurde fashion store in Nineveh, as stealth marketing is a contemporary strategy as a product of development in the work of marketing institutions and the urgent need to leave the traditional methods of marketing activity that did not help in achieving its desired goals Therefore, two variables were discussed in this study. The independent variable includes stealth marketing techniques represented by (viral marketing, celebrity marketing, brand promoters, inflated and exaggerated marketing), and the adopted variable includes the dimensions of marketing excellence represented by (quality of service, customer retention, creativity Marketing, core capabilities). The statistical program (SPSS) was used to analyze the searched field data and extract the diagnostic description of the variables by distributing (125) forms to a sample of customers dealing with (Lazurde Store), as (110) forms were retrieved, and in light of this a group was reached of the conclusions and proposals that are consistent with the research and achieve the greatest possible benefit.