Spatial Relationships of Soil Salinity in Iraq and Its Impact Agricultural Production.


This study examined the geographical distribution of salinity in Iraqisoiland ana lyzed its variation from one place to another. where it became clear through going into this research that the impact of salinity on agricultural lands varies from one governorate to another. One negative effect is that appeared on agricultural lands in the alluvial plain areas we shed light on the governates of Najaf and Basrah as a model for case study ,therefore, the salinity is increasing as we head from north to south and it appears that the water of the Euphrates River contains the highest percentages of dissolved salts, as these ratios of both rivers Tigris and Euphrates increase towards the south in order to increase evaporation and the concentration of salinity in their water. Therefore, it became necessary to get rid of salt deposits The ages left in the Iraqi soil and work to find soil free of salts to reach a successful agricultural environment in Iraq.