Numerical Investigation of Heat Transfer Rate in Helically Coiled Pipe Using Al2O3/Water Nanofluid


Nanofluid materials play an important role in the industry nowadays, which has drawn the attention of researchers to enhance the characteristics of the heat transfer of the fluids in the coiled shape heat exchangers. The effect of using Al2O3/water Nano fluid on the characteristic of the heat transfer rate inside the helically coiled pipe was numerically studied at different Reynolds numbers. Moreover, fluid flow analyses were investigated numerically in terms of pressure and velocity profile. The heat transfer enhancement using this Nano fluid has been studied and then compared to pure water at Reynolds number values of 200, 600, and 1500 respectively. The results showed that a reduction in the temperature of the outer wall pipe when Al2O3/water Nano fluid was applied particularly at a low Reynolds number compared to pure water. Generally speaking, it has been seen that the reduction in the temperature profile is much better than the high Reynolds number.