Bonding Performance for Lightweight Concrete: A Review


Nowadays, lightweight concrete become popular among construction companies due to its physical characteristic such as sound and thermal insulation, lightweight, cost and environmental saving, self-levelling…etc., which make it an attractive choice as a building material. However, this concrete face many constructional obstacles due to the lack of adequate and sufficient constructional information about the nature of this concrete. This requires great caution when use it for structural purposes. Among these great constraints, for example, is the weak characteristic of the bond between this concrete and reinforcing steel. Therefore, in order to get rid of these defects of concrete and make it usable in various construction sectors, this paper summarizes researchers works concerning bond behavior between light weight concrete and reinforcing bars , the variable influencing bond behavior such as; concrete type, rebar type and diameter, W/C ratio, and adding fibres. And results collected from experimental work with most important conclusions.