The Encounter in the Moral Dualities According to Ibn Hamdis al-Skali (d.527 AH)


Most of the poets relied on building their poems from focusing on the contrast between opposing dichotomies in drawing a poetic image to reveal the feelings and emotions they feel in their souls depicting what the poet and his community are experiencing, and trying to influence the recipient, attract his attention, insert him into the depths of the texts and involve him in that suffering. The reality that society lives in an attempt to influence it, as the poetic self has become aware of its pioneering and leadership role and its ability to change and influence societies with its capacity for creativity and power to influence Perhaps that is what we found with our poet Ibn Hamdis, who lived a life full of sad events And the painful one and he worked on depicting it in his poems, especially that the era of the poet is an era of political differences and a struggle for power , so the research came under the title (The Interchange in the Intangible Dualities of Ibn Hamdis al-Skali T 527 AH). And death), (connection and abandonment), (hope and despair) and other intangible dualities that appeared among the poets of the era and which represented the concerns of that society and that era because of its Political, social and cultural fluctuations focusing through these dualities on meanings and a clear focus, which was represented by the contrast between the opposing dualities in drawing the image of that society and the events taking place in it.