The use of the Electrometric Method in Measuring the Activity of Cholinesterase in Local Female Buffalo in north of Iraq


The aim of present study, was desigen to measurement of cholinesterase (ChE) activity by electrometric method in normal blood of adult Female buffalo, Cholinesterase was used in red blood cells (RBCs)to determine the linear relationship between incubation time and cholinesterase activity. The change in pH of RBCs cells reaction mixture (0.21 to 0.47) agreed with increased incubation time of 10 - 50 minutes and the pH change red blood cells reaction mixture (0.31 to 0.46) was associated with increased incubation temperature of 25-40C. recorded the highest activity of natural ChE the change in pH / 40 C° minutes in the red blood cells (0.46), whole blood (0.42) and least in the blood plasma (0.076). To illustrate the accuracy of the way the coefficient of variation in red blood cells and blood plasma and the whole blood (1.65%, 6.97% and 4.12%), respectively, this was done using 0.1 ml acetylcholine iodide 7.5% as the basis of the combination interaction of the current study. Quinidine sulfate specifically inhibited pseudo ChE in the RBC and whole blood, and it was estimated to be (6.5%,16.7%), where as true ChE activity was (93.5%, 83.3%). Monocrotophos at concentration (0.5, 1 µM) and carbaryl at (5, 10 µM) significantly inhibited RBCs ChE in vitro. These results indicate that the used of modified electrometric method its simple, precise, efficient and have the validity for measurement of ChE activities in adult Female of buffalo.