Geographical distribution of construction industries and their endemic factors in Hawija district


The construction industries occupy an important and distinct position not only at the level of Hawija district, but also at the governorate level and the country as a whole, as their importance is evidenced by the quantity and types of products for the construction industries that are producing them, as well as their large “absorption” of manpower and assistance in eliminating unemployment. Most of these industries depend on local raw materials, which are found in most parts of the distric As the importance of these industries is evidenced by their close connection in population growth, urban development, and increased interest in housing projects and the development of the focus environment in various parts of the district and the governorate, especially with basic products such as blocks, washing machines, crushers and various types of tiles, as more than (117) construction industries are established in the district. Their distribution to the center and aspects of the district, although this distribution is characterized by variation, as this is due to the availability of natural and human components and economic activities.As the research touched on the geographical distribution of the construction industries, as the district center that contains (59) industrial establishments comes in the first place, comes in second place in the Zab district and includes (38) industrial establishments, and came in the third place in the Abbasi district, which contains (17) industrial establishments. It comes in last place in the Riyadh region, as it contains (3) industrial establishments only from the total number of construction industries in the district.