Comparison of the possible side effects of cyclosporine and tacrolimus on renal function in kidney transplant patients


Background: Cyclosporine and Tacrolimus are two main immunosuppressants of kidney transplant patients and are commonly used in hospitals with renal transplantation.Aim of the study: The goal of this study is to demonstrate potential harmful effects, not only from kidney failure as a disease, but also the use of immunosuppressants before and after renal transplants.Materials and Methods: An analysis of tacrolimus or cyclosporine immunosuppressive regimes has been conducted in Baghdad hospital using data from patients with kidney transplants. The study excluded patients who received other types of immune suppressant drugs, and those who switched from cyclosporine to tacrolimus. Conclusion: Effectiveness and side effects should be tested in kidney transplantation patients with cyclosporin and tacrolimus and other immunosuppressive medications, tacrolimus treated patient has shown an increase in glucose level and decrease in WBC , hemoglobin and calcium level in comparing to cyclosporine treated group.This finding may allow scientists and physicians to make a better choice between immunosuppressive drugs according to the patient's medical condition.