The effect of school backpack weight on some physiological and psychological aspects for first grad children in some Maysan province’s schools


Current study searched the weight of school backpack for student in First grade, way of carry backpack and the students’ psychological feeling toward these backpack. For answer these questions the study employed explanatory sequential design as research design in order to answer research questions. Sample was 440 students selected randomly from some Misan primary schools. The result disclosed that backpack weight exceeded recommended weight 10% of students weight, further the backpack positioned on sacral area when student wear it. As well as those students hold boredom sense toward these backpack and this attributed to its high weight. The study recommended acquaint student’s parents about risks of heavy backpack weight on children’s spine and health, moreover explain for them correct way to carry these backpack on student’s back. Finally, study demands school’s teachers should observe backpack weight and it position on student’s back. Then advice student to regard backpack weight and position if need be.