The use of the Alfresco system in the management of the documents of the Vocational Training Center/ Al-Rasafa: Experimental study


The goal of the research is to identify the reality of document management in the Center for Vocational Training/ Rasafa and to introduce the systems of content management of institutions and ways to benefit from them in the management of documents, especially in the management of documents and the experience of employing the system of alfresco and making it available to users and evaluating it by them to know its advantages and tasks that can be used in the field of document management, The tools of collecting data for research are: observation and interview with the administration, people officials and employees in the center in addition to the questionnaire distributed to the employees in order to collect information to evaluate the work of the system and the research reached several conclusions, the most prominent of which are: The use of the Fresco system in the management of documents meet the needs of the center because of the ease of dealing and flexibility in the organization, Alfresco system received a high percentage of the satisfaction of users in the center.