Evaluation of the Effect of Topical Artemisia dracunculus Administration on Serum Levels of Selected Interleukins and Spleen Index in Imiquimod-Induced Psoriasis in Male Mice Compared to Clobetasol Propionate (Dermovate (R)) Ointment


Psoriasis is a long-lasting autoimmune disease that is characterized by swollen skin patches. Normally, these skin patches are dark, swollen, itchy and scaly. The single application of the innate Toll-like receptor7/8 ligand Imiquimod (IMQ) in mice easily induces a dermatitis that closely resemble human psoriasis, critically dependent on the axis of interleukin-23/interleukin-17. The objective of the study is to test Artemisia dracunculus possible protective effect on imiquimod-induced psoriasis in mice in its topical dosage form and to compare this effect with dermovate(R) ointment. Artemisia dracunculus prepared as an ointment and has been used topically to mice before imiquimod application. The real study results showed that A. dracunculus ointment as well as Dermovate (R) ointment can significantly reduce the psoriasis area and severity index in both (A. dracunculus ointment + imiquimod 5%) (Group IV) and (Dermovate (R) ointment + imiquimod 5%) (Group V) as compared with both (Control group) (Group I): and (Vehicle ointment + imiquimod 5%) (Group III).All the results showed that A. dracunculus ameliorates psoriasis induced by imiquimod in male mice