Studying the Effect of Annealing on Optical and Structure Properties of Zno Nanostructure Prepared by Laser Induced Plasma


In this paper, Zinc oxide were deposited on a glass substrate at room temperature(RT) and two annealing temperatures 350ºC and 500ºC using laser induced plasmatechnique. ZnO nanofilms of 200nm thickness have been deposited on glasssubstrate. X-RAY diffraction (XRD), atomic force microscopy and UV-visiblespectrophotometer were used to analyze the results.XRD forms of ZnOnanostructure display hexagonal structure with three recognized peaks (100), (002),and (101) orientations at 500ºC annealing temperature. The optical properties ofZnO nanostructure were determined spectra. The energy gap was 3.1 eV at 300 oCand 3.25eV at 500ºC annealing temperature.