The Holy Shrine in Dhi Qar Governorate Study in the problematic of the maqam owner


In Nassiriyah, one of the southern Iraqi governorate, for a long time, AL- Sherif’s Shrine “Maqam” represents a religious, touristic and recreational centre, which people always visit and be blessed with. A shrine bends upon the Euphrates, and falls asleep between his palms. Many historians and scholars did not agree about his family and ancestry. Some of them said that he traced back to Umar Bin Ali Bin Abi-Talib, then they said that he traced back to Umar Bin Ali Bin Al-Hussein Bin Ali Bin Abi-Talib who was known as AL-Ashraf. But in fact, contingent with his shrine, his well-known as AL-Ashraf belongs to one of the Ashraf who held the presidency of AL-Alawaeen Syndicate, and because of the lack of knowledge of the people in charge of serving the shrine with this title, they started searching for the owner of the title of the Sheriff among the Traditions, after they attributed it to Umar bin Ali, who obviously the grave belongs to one of his sons, but the ones in charge of its service, they did not convinced of that. For this reason, they searched for who holds this title and found their close match in Umar bin Ali bin Al-Hussein Al-Ashraf, so they attributed the grave to him even though the man did not enter Iraq, and he did not participate in political conflicts and warfare. After research and investigation of the sources, we were able to approach the truth of the shrine’s owner, who is one of the sons of Umar bin Ali bin Abi Talib, who used to assume the presidency of the AL-Alawaeen Syndicate in Al-Bata’aih, and we believe that the man has been known his title and was called the Sheriff. Then when he died, the title moved to the grave, so he launched on the denomination of the Sheriff, and when one of them asks about him, they said Ibn Umar bin Ali. Later, the word Ibn was deleted for ease, so the Sheriff is called the tomb of Umar bin Ali bin Abi Talib, then after that his ancestry changed from those who were responsible for him, because Umar has not been known for others by the Sheriff, he was known as AL-Atraf. After a period of time, he was called Umar bin Ali bin Al-Hussein, who was called Al-Ashraf in honor of his attribution to Fatima AL-Zahra’a.