Study the Structural Properties and Surface Morphology of CdO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Spray pyrolysis


CdO films were prepared using a chemical spray paralysis (CSP) method on the glass substrate at a temperature of 350 ° C and thickness (260 ± 15 nm), and study the effect annealing time (0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5) h at annealing temperature 450 °C on structural properties.The X-ray diffraction pattern the results showed that all CdO thin films have a polycrystalline structure and a prevalent growth in the direction (111), and the average grain size (G) in this direction ranges (29.80 - 33.23) nm. It generally increases in value while the agitation values, extraction density, number of crystals decrease by increasing the annealing time (0-2)h at annealing temperature 450 ° C of thin films. From the resulted of the atomic force microscope (AFM), the surface roughness, medium square root (RMS) and average grain size increase with the increasing of the annealing time (0-2) h, at annealing temperature 450 ° C. The thin film with annealing time 2.5 h at annealing temperature 450 °C . We note a slight decrease in the values of the coefficients ( XRD and AFM) Due to the changes in the crystal structure of thin films and beginning of cracks and crystal defects generated on the surface of the thin film during the annealing process. It has been observed in practice that the increase in the annealing time to 3 h at annealing temperature 450 ° C. led to the separation of the thin film from the substrates.