Redesign of Water Filter WorkshopUsing SLP


Workshop and factory design isone of the most important problems facing companies to enhance their performance and productivity.Facility layoutissueis afundamentalfragmentof accommodationsplanning whichhave a target of organizeall manufacturingentitiesto belocatedas a facility havingthe objective toimprovemanufacturingprocessesforan organization. The aim of this paper is to study, evaluate and then creating animprovedwater filter workshop adoptingMuther’s (SLP) Systematic Layout Planning Procedure for increasing production and utilizing spaces. The case study in this paper is a practical one for the existing layout in Al-Faris Company in the water filter workshop. The excited layout is studied and manufacturingprocesses areexploredwith flow investigation. Activity relationship graphismoldedto develop a novellayout alternative. Analyzing by using SLP technique showed that the results for the proposed layout got 341score; while the current layout got only 281 score based on the manufacturing and facility relations. The results show that, the proposed layout is much better than the existing layout of the workshop as significant reduction in the space of material handling and workflow drive and lead to increase the unit production