Electrochemical Characteristics of High-Volume Fly Ash Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Incorporating Hydrated Lime


Currently, the use of high-volume fly ash lightweight concrete, HVFALWC, hasacquired popularity as a durable, resource-efficient, and an option of sustainability for varying concrete applications. Electrochemical characteristics such as half-cell potential, AC resistance,chloride penetration, freechloride, and pH value,upto 180 days wereinvestigated for this type of concrete thatuses 50%and 60% offlyash as a replacement of Portland cement. The effect of using 10% hydrated lime powder as a partial substitute for the weight of cementitious materials for HVFALWC on electrochemical properties was also studied. The results in this study showed the possibility of producing friendly environmental structural lightweight concrete by using high volume fly ash (50% and 60%) as partial replacement by weight of cement. Furthermore,using10% hydrated lime as partial replacement by weight ofcementitious materials could be considered as a reliable measure to reduce the effect of chloride ions in the corrosion process