Empirical Formulas to Predict the Maximum Scour Depth With ‎Debris Accumulation Around A Single Cylindrical Bridge Pier: An ‎Experimental Study


The probability of debris accumulation near bridge piers during the heavy storm and river flood convert the ‎hydraulic action of flow and increase the scour depth due to the reduction of flow area and the increase in ‎velocity of flow. In this paper, the effects of debris accumulation length, width and submerged depth on ‎scour depth near bridge pier were investigated. An experimental study for three groups of woody debris ‎accumulation was conducted under clear water condition to investigate the effects on maximum scour depth. ‎The results showed that the increase of blocked area of debris ‎to 27% increases the scour depth by approximately 140%. Furthermore, two empirical exponential formulas was proposed to predict the effect of ‎debris on the maximum scour depth and the modification factor required for single pier. Well agreement ‎was obtained for both derived formulas with coefficient of determination (R2) of 0.96