Key Generation from Multibiometric System Using Meerkat Algorithm


Biometrics areshort of revocability and privacy while cryptography cannot adjust the user’s identity. By obtaining cryptographic keys using biometrics, one can obtain the features such as revocability, assurance about user’s identity, and privacy. Multi-biometrical based cryptographic key generation approach has been proposed, subsequently, left and right eye and ear of a person are uncorrelated from one to other, and they are treated as twoindependent biometrics and combine them in our system. None-the-less, the encryption keys are produced with the use of an approach of swarm intelligence. Emergent collective intelligence in groups of simple autonomous agents is collectively termed as a swarm intelligence. The Meerkat Clan Key Generation Algorithm (MCKGA) is a method for the generation of a key stream for the encryption of the plaintext. This method will reduce and distribute the number of keys. Testing of system, it was found that the keys produced by the characteristics of the eye are better than the keys producedby the characteristics of the ear. The advantages of our approach comprise generation of strong and unique keys from users’ biometric data using MCKGA and it is faster and accurate in terms of key generation.