Spectral and statistical analysis of wind spectrum for Ali Al-Gharbi area in Iraq


The spectrum known represented as a relationship that’s plotted betweenthe magnitudes or energy for a specific parameter vs. its frequency, the windspectrum is presented as the sum of wind speed created by events divided either inspace, in time, or both. This paper presents a wind speed spectrum demonstration inAli Al-Gharbi location in Iraq. The aim of the present paper is to analysis the windspeed and direction by employing the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) therefore fieldmeasurement of wind speed and direction were collected for one year from Dec2014 to Dec 2015 in the time interval of 10 minutes at heights of 10, 30 and 50meters. From the performance of the FFT it was found that the values of the peakwhich contains the highest spectral density was (226236.282 m/sec) at the frequencyof (2 Hz) on the 50 m height level throughout the night time but the lowest was(115863.7 m/sec) at the frequency of (2 Hz) at the 10 m height throughout the nighttime. The dominant wind direction at the area was from west-Northwest and thenorth-Northwest. The wind speed during morning hours was higher than that at thenight time.